Subscriptions to CVSuite software

Subscriptions are for 12 months of access to our creative economy software for two users within one organization.
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$5,000per year
  • Build a Local Region
  • Choose MSA, Counties, or Contiguous Zip Codes
  • Two Users


$6,000per year
  • All Regions in State
  • State, MSA’s, Counties and Zip Codes
  • Three Users


Savings on Multi-Year Multi-Organization*
  • Custom Regions
  • Choose MSA, Counties, or Contiguous Zip Codes
  • Three + Users

*About Custom, Multi-year/ Multi-Organization Subscriptions

Explore creative industry data within the CVSuite for multiple years, and save on the annual subscription rate. Multi-year use can be of benefit in order to identify and act on changes in your creative economy over time. The fee for multi-year service is dependent upon the number of subscriptions, years, and breadth of the geographic areas requested.

Share the cost of access to the CVSuite with other organizations in a city or state and save money. Using the same creative economy data across a city or state allows for a consistent and coherent communication about creative industry data in the area. This option offers the ability to have multiple users in the tool and includes training modules to ensure that all users can learn how to extract the best data for their needs. Contact us for a quote

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Custom Reporting

Creative industry data and outside industry data that are not available in the CVSuite tool can be accessed by CVSuite data specialists and made available to you. Examples of such data include data related to additional NAICS (Industry) and SOC (occupations) codes, and more granular data on a variety of data streams in the system. These additional data can be used to more deeply or extensively report on data from a defined geographic area.
Sample Report Wyoming Report

from $750

Economic Impact Studies and Benchmarking

For a comprehensive look at your creative economy data and their impact on your overall economy, our staff will customize a report on economy impact that speaks directly to the contributions of the creative economy to the overall economy. This offering goes beyond a report of key findings and demographic information and includes the use of input-output models that help measure dollars that flow in and out of your economy. In addition to presenting the data, our staff will craft meaningful stories of the people, businesses, and organizations that make up your creative economy and who help make your community special.

Price varies: An economic impact study is priced upon request because of the great variation among study areas in size and complexity.
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Executive Summary and Narrative Writing

Perhaps you have a researcher on staff who can analyze creative industry data from your region but is less able to present the results of that analysis in an effective narrative. Or your organization may not have the resources or time to interview the key players who make up your creative economy in order to present the data with a compelling story.  We can conduct the interviews and write the narrative parts of your creative economy story for you.

from $4,000

Design Services and Consulting

The CVSuite team can assist you in your processes of identifying the target audience for a creative economy study, analyzing data for your region and identifying trends in that creative industry data, crafting compelling reports and presentations.

Priced upon request
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Expanded Data and Input/ Output Data

Although the tool is considered inclusive of creative occupations and broad in the definition of the creative economy, all creative regions are unique and may have a need for additional NAICS and SOC codes to better capture the true nature of a region. Additional codes outside the tool can be analyzed by your CVSuite data specialists, so you can tell your own creative story with confidence.

from $500