Colorado Film Study

The rise of streaming platforms, social media, and other digital media is driving unprecedented growth in the film, television, and media industry. A four-year study of Denver and Colorado’s film industry found it growing rapidly and delivering a significant economic return to the city and state.

However, a lack of investment in infrastructure, support programs, and incentives has prevented the industry from being able to grow and create new jobs at scale. In the absence of readily available opportunities, many of Colorado’s filmmaking artists and professionals are choosing to work independently or create their own companies, only to still face similar obstacles to growth.

Despite these challenges, the study found that the industry is one of growing potential, waiting to be unlocked. Many talented, skilled, and ambitious filmmaking artists and professionals choose to stay in Colorado. They cite their love of the state and their belief in its potential to become a hub of economic and creative activity for film.

As the number of creative professionals working in Denver and Colorado’s film industry continues to grow, the opportunity to capitalize on that potential – and to build a more sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous industry in the state – has never been greater.

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