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CVSuite has partnered up with Emsi (Economic Modeling Specialists International) to produce fully packaged reports that measure the economic impact of the creative industries in your region. These reports are available at a reduced rate for current CVSuite clients.
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If you are intrested in custom reporting, visit the link below.
Custom Reports

Executive Summaries and Narrative Writing

Perhaps you have a researcher on staff who can analyze creative industry data from your region, but is less able to present the results of that analysis in an effective narrative. Or, your organization may not have the resources or time to interview the key players who make up your creative economy in order to present the data with a compelling story. We can conduct the interviews and write the narrative parts of your creative economy story for you.
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Design Services & Consulting

The CVSuite team can help you in your process of identifying your audience, analyzing your data, crafting compelling reports and presentations, and helping you effectively communicate your unique data-driven story.
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Economic Impact Studies

For a comprehensive look at your creative economy and its impact on your overall economy, our staff will customize a report on creative economy impact that speaks directly to the contributions of the creative economy to the overall economy.

This offering goes beyond a report of key findings and demographic information and includes the use of input-output models that help measure the dollars that flow in and out of your economy. In addition to presenting the data, our staff will craft meaningful stories of the people, businesses, and organizations that make up your creative economy and who help make your community special.
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Benchmarking for Comparison

Are you interested how your region compares to other regions, and which regions would be best to compare to? We work with our data provider to identify regions that are most relevant to compare to, based on a selection of different aspects of the creative economy.
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Expanded Data – Input/Output Data

To gain a better understanding of your overall creative economy and the activities within it, your CVSuite data specialists can analyze the direct and indirect effects of job changes in your region to gauge future impact on your community and your creative economy. This can include job and earnings multipliers.
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Earnings Multiplier

An earnings multiplier of 1.5 means that, for every dollar of earnings generated by a new scenario, a total of $1.50 is paid out in wages, salaries, and other compensation throughout your economy. This is important for understanding how a given scenario will affect not only the number of jobs in your region but the quality of those jobs.

Jobs Multiplier

A jobs multiplier indicates how important an industry is in regional job creation. A jobs multiplier of 3.0, for example, would mean that for every job created by that industry, two other jobs would be created in other industries (for a total of three jobs).