What is the #morethanart Campaign?
When someone hears about the recent debate around cutting funding to the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), they may have an idea in mind about the types of projects they think the NEA funds. The #morethanart campaign was created as a tool to help people inside and outside of the arts understand the breadth of projects the NEA funds.

We will do this by highlighting NEA funded grant projects focused on creativity in a broader and more accessible sense. Projects were selected based on their potential return on investment, with a focus on those with a commercial or economic component. These projects are less about the distinct traditional creative industries (theater, fine arts, film, music, etc…) and more about projects that are interdisciplinary and focused on creative economy. These types of projects (education, arts/ science/ technology, design, media, creative place-making and community planning) have an economic impact on their region or an impact on an artist’s ability to be self-supporting.
Campaign dates: June 2017 – August 2017

Timeline for FY2018 Budget Process, where are we at and what is next?

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2016 CVSuite Creative Economy Reports for the six regional art organizations across the US

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